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2021 Blues Cruise TICKETS

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CBS is renting the GoodTime III.CBS and all guests are required to follow the rules set forth by the GoodTime III.Please refer to the GoodTime III website for more rules and regulations.

Can tickets be picked up at the dock?Is there a will call?

No. Tickets will only be mailed out after August 10th via USPS. You must have your ticket to board the boat. Please keep your tickets in a safe place.If you lose or forget your tickets, you will need to purchase new tickets (if available).

What is your cancellation policy? What if I miss the boat?

The CBS Blues Cruise tickets are non-refundable and not transferable.If for any reason the GoodTime III cancels the CBS Blues Cruise, CBS will work with the GoodTime III to reschedule for another day.

Where does the ship go during cruises?What if it rains?

An average sightseeing tour will head several miles up-river and will expose passengers to the interesting sights and history of the Cuyahoga River. Additionally, the ship will cruise the harbor and possibly the lake. The route varies based upon the Captain’s discretion factoring in weather conditions, river traffic, and directives from the United States Coast Guard. Each trip is unique. The GOODTIME III can & will sail rain or shine. In the event of inclement weather, the boat will remain dockside until the weather improves. The safety of the guests on the GoodTime III is paramount.

Do you have to be a certain age to ride? Can we bring children?

The Cleveland Blues Society Blues Cruise is for adults aged 21 and over only.

What time do I need to be there to get on the ship?

The CBS Blues Cruise will board 45 minutes prior to our cruise (approximately 6:45pm). We recommend arriving at least 30 minutes before boarding starts to line up at the boarding ramp.

Only volunteers, sound crew, musicians and board members are allowed to pre-board before 6:45pm.

Please allow yourself extra time for traffic, parking, and special events in the downtown area when you are planning your GOODTIME III outing. The vessel will not return to dock for latecomers and cannot interrupt the departure process once the boarding ramp has been removed, so you must be in line or on-board at the departure time for your cruise. We set sail at 7:30pm sharp.It is very important that the ship leaves the dock on time due to the nature of the bridges in the river and our trip schedule.

Persons interfering with the timely departure of the vessel will be refused service without refund.

Is there anything else that I can’t bring on-board?

No weapons may be brought on-board, including but not limited to firearms, knives, box cutters, tasers/stun guns, mace, pepper spray, aerosols, or any kind of explosive device. No alcohol or illegal substances may be brought aboard. The GoodTime III complies with the United States Coast Guard zero-tolerance policy toward illegal substances and will assist in prosecution of those bringing such substance on-board. No outside food or beverage may be brought aboard. All baggage and persons are subject to search and seizure at any time. Safety is the number one concern.

Is the Ship wheelchair accessible? Is there an elevator on-board?

The GOODTIME III boards by an adjustable boarding ramp, featuring an incline and a decline, which varies based on Lake Erie water levels. This ramp is 36” to 36 ¾” wide and can accommodate most standard size wheelchairs, walkers, and mobility scooters. Wheelchairs and mobility scooters are permitted no further than the first deck.The Main Deck restrooms and gangway are ADA compliant. They do not have wheelchairs to provide to passengers. There is no elevator on-board. Please call 216-861-5110 if you have any questions or concerns regarding their accessibility.

What kind of food is offered on-board?Is there a Bar? Do they accept credit cards?

The GoodTime III has a galley on-board that also serves sandwiches, snacks, and soft drinks. The GOODTIME III has two full-service bars serving mixed drinks, beer, wine and soft drinks. The GoodTime III accepts cash, credit and debit cards.

May I bring my own food and drinks?

No outside food and beverages are permitted aboard the GOODTIME III. They suggest eating a meal before your cruise if you are worried about any dietary restrictions due to the fact that the GoodTime III does not have a full kitchen on board and cannot make substitutions. Please call 216-861-5110 with any questions.

Is Smoking permitted on the Vessel?

The GoodTime III no longer permits Smoking of Cigarettes, Cigars, Vaping Pens or Electronic Cigarettes due to an overwhelming demand to provide a “Smoke Free” Atmosphere for the Passengers.


Blues Cruise Committee

Teri Pealer, Chairperson, tBill Koteles, President

Susanne Mayer, Board Member, LInda Calkins, Volunteer

Any questions, you can contact CBS at or by phone at (216) 533-6298.

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