Achille Paolino

Achille Paolino is graduating for North Royalton High School and the Cuyahoga County Career Center.  He pursued a college prep track at the high school and studied Media Arts at CVCC.  Achille has played electric guitar since he was in the third grade when I started lessons.  Throughout his life, he has been able to express himself best through his guitar and music. He has played with performance bands through the School of Rock, in talent shows and with a few bands and was honored to play at the High School Rock Off last year. He tries to infuse a blues style into music that he plays based on his musical influences, Jimi Hendrix, Slash and Joe Bonamassa.  Achille plans to attend Cuyahoga Community College next year and explore music though the creation of an EP.  While Achille has not chosen a major yet, he knows that he will continue to make music no matter my chosen career.