CBS At the Cuyahoga County Fair

2017 Fair Tent

For the past five years, CBS has been bringing the Blues to the Cuyahoga County Fair Beer Tent. Here you can enjoy local Blues artists perform while spending a day a the Cuyahoga County Fair. All the bands invited to perform dontate their time to support CBS.


2019 Cuyahoga County Fair Volunteer Performers

 Tuesday,   Aug. 06th

4-5:30 pm            Skip Werke, American Blues

5-6:30 pm            Canyon Wind Duo, Blues and Covers

6:30-8 pm            Mike Binder and Pricilla Zietlow, Blues and Covers

8-10:00 pm         KG Mojo Band, Classic Rock and Blues

Wednesday, Aug. 07th

4-5 pm                   Joe Sasina Solo, Originals

5-6 pm                   Hare of the Dog, Rock and Blues

6-8 pm                   DD and the Knockers, Rock and Blues

8-10:00 pm        Backstreet Blues Band, Blues and Sole

Thursday,  Aug. 08th

3-4:30 pm           Tyrone Blue Sinsation – Blues/rock/southern rock

4:30-6 pm           Bob Frank, Original Blues, Steel Guitar

6-8 pm                 The Project, Blues, Classic Rock and originals

8-10:00 pm         Gypsy, Rock n Blues and Fleetwood Mac

Friday,   Aug. 9th

2:30-4pm            Pedro Diaz, Alternative, Classic, Jazz and Blues

4-6 pm                 Grady Miller, Americana and Blues

6-8 pm                 Blue Matter, Blues and Classic Rock

8-10:00 pm         The Bob Laeng Blues Gang, Classic Rock and Blues

Saturday, Aug. 10th

1-2:30 pm            Erica and John Duo, Covers and Originals

2:30-4 pm            Joe Rollin Porter, American Folk, Early Rural Blues and More

4-6 pm                 Blues Meets Girl, Blues to move your sole

6-8 pm                 Deano and the Trouble Makers, Classic Rock and Blues

8-10 pm                Classic OverDrive, Classic Rock and Blues

Sunday,   Aug. 11th Blues Sunday!!

2pm                         FADS, Beatles Tribute band in costume.

3-8pm                    Cleveland Blues Artists and Jam

Including Blues DeVille Band, Anthony Lovano Supernatural Band,  Members of Blue Drivers, Kris “DD” Diehl,  and others.

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