Kris Diehl

Kris Diehl

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Brave and Crazy, DD & The Knockers, Redenck Incorporated


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I picked up my first real guitar when I turned 30. With a few lessons I was playing Bob Dylan\’s \”Knockin\’ On Heaven\’s Door\” like a true amatuer. Later I begged my guitar teacher to add some Melissa Etheridge, U2, R.E.M, CCR, into the mix with the book lessons. I never really worked hard on the technical lead playing, but rythmn came naturally to me. And I live in the minor pentatonic scale to this day.

We had the cliche basement band with my other thiry something neighbors and even made a tape. (No one will ever hear it hto! LOL

After moving to Cleveland , and after my daughter was born, I began lessons again with Jeff Jeric. There I met the people that would form the first real performance band, The Brambles. Barb Schirch,and her son Mike Schirch (of blu monsoon), Jeff Jeric and his son Jeff Jeric, Terry D, Dave Ankret, and Rich Yoke. After the first gig at the Boneyard in Broadview Heights in 2005, I got the \”bug\” and never looked back. We even headlined the Broadview Heights Home Days and entertained at the House of Blues for the American Diabetes Association! 

I met John Adams along the way and I remember the early days of jam nights at Zeke\’s in Brecksville. Then met Bill Koteles, who recruited me into CBS. ( I always thought he was a photographer…) 

Barb Schirch introduced me to KB Sporck, of KB and the Riptides, and with a little encouragement from him, I formed Rock Capital Productions Booking Agnecy in 2009. I currently book gigs for all of my bands, KB and the Riptides, Motown Jazz, Ohio Wilde, and some other very talented musicians when the venue and the entertainment seem to be a good fit. 

Years pass, music buddies change and I found my way to Secratary for CBS during the 2017-2019 term.

My current projects are Brave and Crazy, Tribute to Melissa Etheridge; DD & The Knockers, Classic Rock Blues and Country; and acoustic guitar and vocalist for Redneck Incorporated, Current and Classic Country Party Band.

I love the work that CBS is doing to promote Blues in Cleveland. I am proud of the accomplishments of current and previous Boards of Directors have made to keep the Blues alive in Cleveland.

Thanks for checking out my profile and be sure to come up and say \”Hi\” at the CBS events!

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