Cleveland Blues Society Scholarship

  • The Cleveland Blues Society Scholarship and Education Fund was created to provide opportunities to grow knowledge and appreciation of the Blues in the Greater Cleveland area. Both educational opportunities and scholarships may fall under the following categories:

    Building & repair of instruments
    Development of courses
    Music Theory
    Playing an instrument – travel
    Support music education
    Website and webinars
    Working with other groups
    Writing music

    In order to qualify for an educational opportunity award or scholarship, the following guidelines must be met:

    1.   Applicant must be a member of the Cleveland Blues Society for at least 1 (one) year. Scholarship requests may be for members or their dependent children age 19 and under.
    2.   Request must relate to the furtherance of knowledge and/or appreciation of the Blues.
    3.   Request must be made via the CBS Scholarship and Education Request Form with information on the opportunity/class attached to the form.

    Awards are limited and will be reviewed and granted on a semi-annual basis by the Scholarship and Education Committee. The bi-annual deadlines are May 1 and November 1. Reviews and decisions will be issued on June 1 and December 1.

    Overall annual award availability amounts are requested by the Scholarship and Education Committee and approved by the Board of Directors. 2019 is the first year during which awards will be made available with the number and amount per award to be approved by the Board of Directors.

    A portion of proceeds from the Annual Cleveland Blues Cruise are assigned to the education/scholarship fund by the Board of Directors. Several CBS events contribute, however, the majority of funding for the Scholarship and Education Fund comes from the Annual Cleveland Blues Cruise.

    Individual contributions may be made specifically to the Scholarship and Education Fund.

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